Brake & Clutch Repairs

Brake & Clutch Repairs from A Reputable Perth Workshop

We all rely on our cars to take us to work, get the kids to school and get around on the weekend, so ensure that yours is in top condition. QuickStop provides a range of services from our Balcatta location that help you keep your car safe and roadworthy.

Our brake and clutch repairs services ensure that two of the most important systems in your vehicle are functioning correctly. If you’re struggling to change out of a certain gear or notice that your brakes are not at peak performance, contact us. Read more about our range of services below.

Clutch repairs and replacements

Next to the engine, the clutch is the most critical part of your car. Small problems in the clutch can spiral into larger, more expensive failures if they are not addressed promptly. Our Perth workshop can provide a number of specialist services, including hydraulics maintenance, flywheel machining and complete rebuilds and replacements of the entire clutch.

If you are not driving as smoothly as you used to, our inspection and fault diagnosis services will let you know what the issue is. Our extensive technical knowledge means you’re in good hands, no matter what the problem is.

Brake servicing and maintenance

In an emergency, you need to know that your brakes will function perfectly. We provide a range of services making us a one-stop for all of your brake servicing needs. From replacing worn brake pads to more complex procedures, from machining disc rotors to installing new master cylinders and replacing brake drums, we do it all.

Our years of experience mean that your vehicle will be given the greatest care regardless of the specific brake repairs service you choose. Ensure that you and your passengers are as safe as possible in the event of an emergency with our help.

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