Tips for reducing the running costs of having a car

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  1. Avoid any reckless and erratic driving which can cause more wear and tear on the car.
  2. Clean your car regularly by washing and polishing the outside at least twice a year and vacuuming the interior to keep it in top condition.
  3. Get fuel on days when it is the cheapest and fill your tank to capacity.
  4. Check your tyre pressure every month. Having the right tyre pressure can save you on fuel use.
  5. Service your car regularly. The frequency should be as stated in your owner’s manual. For older cars every six months or 10,000km the oil and filter should be changed. During a service your technician will check all the different parts of your car that needs to be changed at different time intervals, and they will also check the overall safety of your car. Therefore servicing your car regularly keeps the car safe to drive, reliable, increases the resale value, makes the car more fuel efficient and helps avoid any large bills when you bring it in for a future service or repair.
  6. Use a reputable and qualified company or technician to service your car and stick with them,
  7. Limit the number of trips that you do. Try to combine errands so that you do not need to make multiple trip. You can always ride a bike or walk for short trips.
  8. Try to drive during off-peak times where possible.
  9. Check your insurance policy and see if you can get a better deal elsewhere. Increasing your excess can also help cut the cost of your insurance premium.

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